3 doctors smilingHelp Your Practice Grow with the Right Healthcare and Medical Financing

Finding the right financing is essential for building a state-of-the-art healthcare practice. At Growth Lending Group, we offer generous healthcare financing tailored to your lending needs. Here are a few of the options we offer you.


Are you a seeking to grow your practice by purchasing or merging with another medical facility? If so, we offer practice acquisition loans with 100 percent financing.


Equipment purchases can put severe strain on your finances. That’s why Growth Lending Group offers both loans and leases with flexible payment options to help you foot the bill (including up to 50 percent of soft costs) for new equipment.


A working capital loan can provide the funding you need to make your practice better, whether you want to consolidate debt or help your practice expand. We offer up to $250,000 for full financials, up to $75,000 for application, and generous terms of as long as 72 months. We don’t require upfront payments or report loans to personal credit bureaus.


If your debt repayment involves a bewildering array of monthly fees, we can help you simplify with our debt consolidation services. With our debt consolidation services, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easy, low monthly payments
  • The opportunity for rapid debt elimination
  • Rapid approval

Contact Growth Lending Group today to request a loan application or find out more about our healthcare and medical financing options.