Eco-Friendly Business Ventures to Start Today!

Not too long ago, the concept of ‘going green’ was viewed as suspicious and perhaps a throwback to the free love/save the planet/anti-corporate values of the past.

But as more company owners learn what it means today to be eco-friendly, many are pleasantly surprised that if you do sustainability right, you’ll not only save ‘green’ with improvements in efficiency and financial bottom line, you’ll also aid the planet.

Examples can include reducing energy consumption by switching company’s light bulbs to longer-lasting ones that are brighter and produce less heat. Some bulbs can attach to motion detectors and automatically dim when things slow down, which makes it easy to keep lighting levels low after hours and also save on power bills.

Small businesses seeing more eco-friendly approaches can find other companies willing to provide sustainable products and services. This outsourcing saves time and energy as well.

Opportunities for successful business niches can include:

Refilling printer cartridges

Rather than buying costly ink cartridges whenever one goes dry and then throwing the old ones away, a business can offer the ability to refill these tanks. The price will be less and nothing will go into the waste stream.

Green investing

Some investors are eager to put their money toward companies and non-profitswith noble goals of helping the planet, while avoiding ones that don’t seem to care. Someone with expertise in financing and sustainability can offer useful options that will also offer a good return. This could also be a good way to include and support local endeavors as well.

Better eating

A catering business that only offers eco-friendly options or items for those with special dietary needs can be in high demand in some circles and cultures. Rather than trying to accommodate a few special requests, the entire menu can include locally-sourced organic items, free-range meats, vegan choices, and more healthier fare rather than artificial additives, GMOs, trans fats or factory-raised items.

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