How to Move On From the Worst Business Mistakes and Stay Successful

Everyone makes mistakes, but public ones, and especially workplace errors, can be a challenge to come back from. Reframe your errors as learning opportunities, while also avoiding any mistakes you can with sage business advice.

Here’s how:

Realize you can’t do it all

All great leaders need consultants, advisors and subject matter experts to support and inform their decision-making. Don’t fall prey to the illusion that industry leaders are doing it all on their own. Assemble a good team that you can depend upon, and let them provide their labor and expertise. Try to avoid micromanagement. 

Embrace delegation

Your staff members don’t want to be idle, assuming you’ve hired well. Let them impress you, because that’s what they want to do. Be collaborative and assign duties to people better suited to the work than you are. For expertise you don’t have in-house, hire consultants or specialty firms to handle appropriate tasks and supply business advice. Also, use software that makes you more productive or makes parts of your job easier and more accurate.

Get mentors and advisors

Build relationships with others in your industry or related fields, and you will create (formal or informal) partnerships to help one another build your respective companies. Provide expertise, success tips, referrals and more. Even more established industry leaders will be flattered and helpful if approached the right way. Build relationships gradually on social media, interact at conferences, meet at the local chamber of commerce or expand on a shared love of a sport, the arts, a good cause, etc. 

Seek coaching

Hire a career coach to help you get (and stay) on track. Like an athletic coach, career or industry coaches can provide encouragement, keep you energized and provide guidance so you don’t hurt yourself. They can help you come back from your mistakes, reframe them as positive events and even avoid making certain errors by sharing tactics and experiences from their own careers. 

Mistakes need not get in the way of long-term success, with experts on your side, providing business advice you can trust. Contact Growth Lending Group today.

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