The 10 Best Practices to Achieve Work-Life Balance

It takes energy and enthusiasm to run a profitable business–and proper work-life balance is the key to staying positive and energetic.

Here’s how you can gain meaningful harmony between your work life and personal life:

  1. Prioritize: Trying to do a bit of everything can set you up for failure. Devote time only to the essential things that you must accomplish personally. Other things may not need doing at all, or may be delegated to another. 
  2. Analyze time allocation: Make a pie graph of how you currently spend your time each day. Then, make one that shows how you should divide your time, for a more fulfilled, successful life. Work toward the second pie graph. 
  3. Gradually change: Slow and steady change is more likely to become a habit. Don’t expect complete change overnight, and don’t take on too many changes at once. 
  4. Find support: Look for assistance from work colleagues (by delegating, hiring an expert consultant, or discussing possible alternative division of duties with company management). Use productivity software to make repetitive work tasks simpler, faster and more accurate. Spend time with positive, supportive friends, and share personal-life responsibilities (as well as fun times) with family.   
  5. Relax: Maintain work-life balance by setting aside time to calm mental stress, and diminish physical stress, with a favorite non-work activity or exercise. 
  6. Schedule breaks: Long work sessions (without breaks for relaxation, food, water, walking, non-work-related talk, etc.) mean you’ll burn out sooner. The latter hours of non-stop work are often filled with errors or slower, substandard productivity. 
  7. Bond with the boss: Schedule regular check-ins with your boss/manager to make sure you’re on track with company goals. You’ll work confidently, and more quickly, knowing you’re headed in the right direction. 
  8. Avoid the multitasking myth: Multitasking really means doing several things poorly. You are actually just switching your attention rapidly, back and forth between tasks.  
  9. Enjoy no-tech time: Turn off the screens and devices occasionally–and spend time relating person-to-person with family, friends and co-workers.  
  10. Work for yourself: Spend an hour each day working toward a personal goal, like learning a new language, taking guitar lessons, or learning to meditate (without intruding, work-related thoughts). You’ll gain a sense of accomplishment outside the work sphere, reminding you that work is not the only measure of success.   

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