The Ways that Entrepeneurs Hack Their Days and Be More Productive

Productivity can be difficult to maintain when you work from home because no one else is around to motivate you.

Here are a few hacks to increase your productivity in no time.

Block Off Chunks of Time

Anyone can remain focused and productive for 25 consecutive minutes. After that, attention can start to wane. To avoid that, block out your most crucial tasks in 25-minute segments and allow a few minutes in between for downtime.

You can do whatever you want during downtime, such as check messages, grab a snack, or engage in something that energizes you. That is often all it takes to be ready for another 25 minutes of productivity.

Walk as Much as Possible

Walking is a simple and effective way to boost your mood, get some exercise, and take a small break from the task at hand. If you schedule meetings with clients close to home and the weather is nice, consider walking instead of driving.

Setting up your day to include as much walking as possible gives your brain a boost, which in turn makes it easier for you to concentrate.

Include Music in Your Day

Many sounds will vie for your attention during the work day, even when you work at home. From traffic to ringing doorbells to the neighbor’s chainsaw, these sounds can be annoying and distracting.

One way to overcome this problem is to play continuous calming music on your computer or another device while you go about your work day. People often do best with wordless songs and soft melodies to help them stay on task.

Determine Your Focus

Being an entrepreneur can have you running in a thousand different directions. Be sure to take time regularly to breathe deeply, relax, and focus on what is most important in operating your own business.

This ensures that your days, weeks, and months follow a strategic plan that will ultimately bring you even greater success than you have today.

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