Top 5 Customer Retention Apps to Keep your Customer Base

Customer retention is an important component in marketing. But it can be hard to gather the data needed to guide customer retention if you don’t know what information you need and where to get it. Fortunately, there are lots of apps and tools that can help you improve customer retention.


Smartlook is an app designed to show you video of what users do when they visit your site. By seeing user activity in this way, you can get insights into what’s important to your customers, see demographics of site visitors, and use this data to make decisions about your site and content. It is a valuable tool for your marketing team.


Yotpo is a tool that provides user-generated content to place strategically on your site. The benefit of this tool is that it shows site visitors what other customers think, adding credibility to your business and helping to create a positive relationship with site visitors.


Validately is an app that helps you determine the market demand for your product idea. This information can give you data foundation to show that your product is needed in the market.


Optimizely is a tool that can be used to run A/B tests to gauge customer preferences and improve retention marketing. By understanding customers’ preferences, your marketing decisions can be based on data gathered from the app instead of trial and error. With the data from Optimizely, your marketing efforts can be more effective at drawing in your customers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a well-known tool that tracks various data to measure your customer retention efforts. From time spent on your site to bounce rate to demographics, this tool can be used to shape your marketing efforts and content development on your website. Armed with the dynamic data from Google Analytics, your marketing strategy will be more robust and effective.

Whether you are new to customer retention or looking to improve your rates, these apps can be valuable tools. With the data gathered from these tools, your efforts can be guided and focused to lead your business to success.

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