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We left corporate jobs to work in an exciting, growing firm – just like the ones we want to fund. Does this sound like you?

Positive. Authentic. Brave. Our qualities are the attitudes, behaviours and skills that we find in both our leaders and our team. We hire people who fit with these qualities and we reinforce them every step of the way.

We are loosely organised into:

  • People who use their extensive networks to source deals and investors
  • People who help our clients’ leaders to manage risk and opportunities
  • People who tell Growth Lending’s story to the world
  • People who make it possible for the first three groups to thrive

Life at the Growth Lending Group

This is no ordinary place to work. From the start, we have focused on driving up diversity and inclusion in financial services. We strive to ensure that throughout our team, at all levels, we achieve a diversity that matches the world around us and not just the sector in which we work.

Whether it’s Growth Lending or our sister company, BOOST&Co, our organisational cultures celebrate difference and encourage individuality – so start thinking about where you fit in and apply to join our team.

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